Don't fear the setting of the sun

It's just the ending of the day

The waning the sky's last breath of light

I see the changing of the guard

As summer slowly slips away

Behind the rising veil of winter's night


Snow crystals glitter on the path

Fallen stars upon the land

Sparkling moonlight dancers in my hand

Like tiny angels sealed in glass

Forming rainbows in the sand

Sometimes it's hard to understand


Winter angel, touch this heart

Hold me close before you go

Winter winds may take you far

And breathe their changes on your soul

So just once more before you go

Like the stars upon the snow

Winter angel, winter angel

Winter angel let love show


I see a whirlwind in the sky

A brand new world within your eyes

A castle lit by candles in the snow

Captured angel please don't fly

I think I'm hypnotized

And still so afraid to let it show


Lost in wonder at the sight

An angel in my arms

Fragile wings that long to fly

Whisper softly in the night

And I will keep you warm

and if you say goodbye, I may cry

As I lift you to the sky




© 2013 – Phil Smith Music Volume 1.

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