I'm pulled in by the motion of a world that mostly mad

I'm slave to these emotions that I never knew I had

I'm caught up in a whirlwind that's not of my design

And I don't have any answers so I'm waiting for a sign


I'm drawn to all the chaos like a miller to the flame

I've tried a thousand angles and it always ends the same

But when I'm out of options and I have to face the truth

I finally see the miracles, the evidence, the proof


 So I stand still, I can tell the world is moving

When I stand still, and I listen for a voice

So I stand still, I swear I feel it working

Yes I stand still, it's the only time I know where I am


You may think that I've gone crazy, 'cause you know the way I've lived

But you can't deny the changes, and they're all because of this

And it's all I ever wanted, just a simple way to live

And all that changed was everything, the truth is such a gift





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