Nikki Frank: Bass Guitar, Vocals


Nikki Frank was born and raised in Oklahoma and is a true city boy at heart.  As soon as he finished school he relocated to Colorado where he worked in local cover bands in and around the Denver area.  Nik connected with a band that did some road work and discovered his love for it.  He stayed out on the road playing music on several different circuits in the US and abroad for over thirteen years,


When Nik decided to get off the road, he thought about all the places in the world he'd played and decided he'd move to Oklahoma.  Oklahoma had old friends and family, and he was certain he would be able to have a life there.  Nikki has tried to get out of the music scene and do "normal" jobs but nothing ever stuck.  Now he is a full time artist once again running a recording studio and playing out as much as possible.


Nik's been quoted saying, "I'll rest when I die", "It's not what you play but what you don't play on the bass", and "Music is all I do well".  Nik takes pride in any music he plays and expects the same from the artists he works with.



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